Bug (Not Serious)

  • CatArmour
    7th April Member 0 Permalink

    Found a bug where if you login on a save you have already voted on and try to vote it will display the error ? or O.


    (the vote button does not get updated when you login)

  • LBPHacker
    7th April Developer 0 Permalink

    Confirmed. The error box displaying garbage is a different bug; good job catching two at once! :P


    EDIT: This is not going to be fixed because it's so minor, but I've fixed the error message so that'll start working in the next snapshot.

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  • CatArmour
    9th April Member 0 Permalink

    Cool thanks!

  • LBPHacker
    13th April Developer 0 Permalink

    Error messages fixed in snapshot 175 (which is now out).

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