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     I won't touch core simulation stuff (which includes zoom) because it's against the theme of this mod.

    Sound waves don't actually sound that cool tbh, it's mostly same as any energy particle.


    Regarding hidden elements, there's already an option for that, select unhide hidden elements from that new menu i build, it will automatically unhide all of them.


    DRMV is what i can actually try my hands on, how do you intend to stop it tho? If it just keeps on moving it would be same as any other element with modified .vx or .vy property.


    Thanks for suggestions tho. I appreciate it.

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    How about you make an element like:

     "Toxic Waste"


    Color: Dull glowing Green

    Actions: Slowly eats most to all other Particals aoround it (Excluding its own)

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    NEW element Copper:


    conducts electricity very well

    when in a square zig zag shape can turn into an electromagnet



    can attract powdered metal(any ctype) when powered with electricity

    creates a magnetic field

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    @DovahZoriik (View Post)

     This is basically ACID or CAUS.

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    @Cracker1000 (View Post)


    To stop DRMV any solid element will do the work. And it will not affected by gravity or pressure, and it must have the density of STNE, or GOLD.


    And the joints? You will put them later?


    And as another suggestions:


    CDND : A different type of diamond that conducts eletricity, with level of conducting that can be set with tmp.

    Ex. :

    Tmp : 0 [the normal one faster than gold].

    Tmp : 1 [metl conducting level].

    Tmp : 2 [SLTW conducting level].

    Tmp : 3 [WATR conducting level].

    Tmp : 4 [INST conducting level].

    Tmp : 5 and beyond [bugged conducting levels].


    PLST : Plastic, made from PETR.

    PETR : Petrol, is made when BONE are under pressure (i think the word is right).

    BONE : Calcium based structure.

    CALC : Calcium BONE powder.


    Would be more interesting than it is if there was these elements? I think it would be even more interesting if there was these elements.

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    @Yzaak1Scifire (View Post)

    Joints won't be added (too much work).

    I do want to add something like your CDND suggestion tho, a variable speed conducting wire (User customisable wire) and DRMV.


    I will probably release a new version by the time version 96.0 gets released (will start merging stuff soon).


    Also, i wanted to try something like adding support for multiple tabs likes jacob1s mod.



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    K g.


    And for these ones?


    PLST : Plastic, made from PETR.

    PETR : Petrol, is made when BONE are under pressure (i think the word is right).

    BONE : Calcium based structure.

    CALC : Calcium BONE powder

    I think it would be nice to add these. 


    In the adding tabs i can suggest something like "secret elements" instead of using the menu, or keep it like it is... HEEEY please fix a thing in the menu, if you keep the menu: When clicking a menu button depending of which element you are using it appears.

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    @Yzaak1Scifire (View Post)

     That element drawing behaviour will be changed in version 96.0, either there will be a whole new UI (window style) or it will just disable the elements drawing while the menu is open.

    (I am more inclined towards the new window style, it looks much better.)


    Also, there will be tons of improvements to CLOUD, BEE and other elements (CWIR is also almost done.)

    Let's see if i can complete all that before version 96.0 gets released.


    Lastly, i don't think the other elements you suggested are any different from already existing elements, maybe find some more uses for them?