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     it's probably one of my Lua mods

    it is one of my Lua mods, nevermind

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    Idea: Element picker (bad name ill think of something else in a bit)


    The element picker would let you pick certain elements and disable them from the menu, it's as simple as that.

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    For what joy?

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    Version 36.0 released (36.0.59)

    The current release needed some internal changes in order to work properly, this update not only fixes that but also brings a ton of changes to the interface, existing options and elements plus, it also adds a new element "BASE".

    The original plan was to release it with v97.0 but since that will take a very* long time, I decided to revert some of the changes and release this update.


    A detailed changelog is posted in the main post, refer it to get all the tiny details.


    Version 36.1.60 released

    This fixes a potential bug which could lead to a BSoD in certain situations. Minor changes were also made to the interface.

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    my setting is gone how to fix it?

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     Depends on what you did to make it disappear. You could delete the scripts folder to reset it. If deleting scripts folder doesn't reset it, then you will have to look for a file called "dlf3.txt" or deleteme.txt in the data folder (simulation option>scroll down> open data folder to access it)

    If you see any of the above mentioned files, just delete them.

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    Version 36.2.62 released!


    Cracker1000 mod


    A special collaboration with @Maticzpl brings much demanded "Vote and comment notifications" to the game. This will notify you whenever someone votes/ comments on your save. It also monitors the FP status for your saves.


    Some other changes were also made to the mod like support for line changing to texter and a few bug fixes.

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    You should add the timestamps on comments that jacob1's mod has, it would just be a nice QOL feature.

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    my fps just dies on a save that would run smoothly on the vanilla verison of the powder toy for some reason

    like my pavilion laptop specs are: AMD Ryzen 3 4300u with Radeon Graphics with 2.70 base speed and 8 gigs of 3200 mhz memory and a 237 gig SSD and a AMD Radeon (TM) Graphics GPU 

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     Which platform (windows/ linux/ mac) are you on?

    Also, can you send the exact save id which causes this fps drop?


    It doesn't happen for me no matter which save I open. Also, make sure you disable all the lua scripts before comparing the fps (if you have any).


    Lastly, check if an older version shows similar behaviour or if it happens only on v36.2