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    tbh im glad this is the last update this year, i don't like having 5 updates every month it is kinda annoying to do the autoupdater every time

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     Version 100.0 released!

    This update adds a new seizure theme.


    Jk. Yeah, I totally agree (Trust me it's more annoying to release multiple updates when you find more and more bugs than just installing one.)

    Anyway, the mod is fairly stable now and probably won't need a new update anytime soon.

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    can you add fluorine, ammonia, chlorine, sulfur and Plutonium (248)? Edit #3000 ooh and a solid silicon plz?


    Fluorine: (FLRN)


    Color: dark yellow brownish


    properties: GAS, Fluorine ignites on contact with ammonia, copper, phosporus, silicon, Explodes with sulfur and other acids, will turn hydrogen into Hydrofluoric acid (a solution of hydrogen fluoride in water. Solutions of HF are colourless, acidic and highly corrosive. so hydrogen plus fluorine plus water in that order equals Hydrofluoric acid (HDFL) or nitrogen and oxygen or just oxygen will make oxygendifluoride OFL2 (It is both an effective fluorinating agent and a strong oxidizing agent. When reacted with unsaturated nitrogen fluorides (fluorine and nitrogen) with electrical discharge (source of spark), it results in the formation of nitrogen trifluoride NF3.(Nitrogen trifluoride is an inorganic, colorless, non-flammable, toxic gas)), Fluorine will dissolve anything else but platnum, ceramic and shield 4, when it dissolves something it becomes WFLR or weak fluorine (its missing an electron and has no more to give), weak fluorine is very light and unreactive (acts like a noble gas, effectively adding liquid and solid noble). all fluorines are liquid between -188C and -219, solid at -219, gas at above -188 for simplicity's sake


    description: ignites or explodes on contact with some other acids, only a few things can contain it.


    Ammonia (AMNA)


    Color: greenish yellow


    Properties: GAS, detonates violently on contact with SOME other acids and oxidizers (you decide) like chlorine and fluorine, otherwise stable, bad heat conductor, Solid at -77C and below, liquid between -77 and -33, gas at higher than -33


    Description: Semi stable unless mixed with select other acids


    Chlorine (CHLR)


    Color: Yellowish blue


    Properties: LIQUID, Chlorine is not flammable, but may react explosively or form explosive compounds with many common substances (including acetylene (gimme a sec), ammonia, natural gas (or just gas), hydrogen (When hydrogen reacts with chlorine, hydrogen chloride (strong oxidizer, acts like an acidic hydrogen, aka the infamous chlorine gas) is formed. Hydrogen chloride is a gas, and has the formula HCl(g). When hydrogen chloride dissolves in water, hydrochloric acid is formed. THANKS GOOGLE), and finely divided (single particles of) metals)


    when combined with hydrogen then water, it becomes muriatic acid aka hydrochloric acid, a very corrosive liquid that is also found in the stomach of animals, can dissolve some metals like iron or METL, cannot dissolve things like platinum, gold, or titanium.


    yeah i know that was hard to read if you want dm me and ill try to explain it a little better. same goes for fluorine part


    Description: inflammable, however reactive and mildly acidic


    Sulfur (SULF)


    Color: Light gray


    Properties: POWDER, highly flammable, can be used as a recipie for nitroglycerin if combined with hydrogen and nitrogen, makes coal burn hotter, melts at 130C, NOT FLAMMABLE WHEN MOLTEN, gas at 6550C


    Description: flammable, recipie for some explosives, nice for a hotter smeltery


    Plutonium (248) (P248)


    Color: starts green, if left in presence of oxygen slowly turns gray, dim glow in large quantities


    Properties: SOLID (normal plutonium should be as well but thats a different conversation), Radioactive, Will spountaniously create a nuclear reaction if given time and heat, if hit with many neutrons (called total reflection)

    it will go critical, releasing insane amounts of neutrons and heat and glowing bright blue, if left in this state for longer than 2 seconds, a nuclear explosion will follow, also releasing some electrons. if it contacts protons, they will become a special isotope of polonium that emits just a few neutrons and then turns back into NORMAL plutonium. if Plutonium (248) is shocked with cold, it will emit a bunch of neutrons (not causing a nuclear reaction and promptly turn into lead, lead has a low melting point and absorbs neutrons and eventually turns back into NORMAL plutonium when enough neutrons are absorbed)


    Description: plutonium but Weird and wonderful


    I hope thats not too much, these are just a few things that i havent been able to find in any other mod but really want.


    DM me if youve got any questions



    Bugs ive found


    You can turn nitrogen into liquid nitrogen, however liquid nitrogen does not turn back into nitrogen gas when heated


    Phosphorus reacts with oxygen gas, but not liquid (could be intentional, but i would think it should still ignite)


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    blocks nuetrons has solid and powder form

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    you could integrate my GRPT idea with all the different ideas i had, like graphene

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     LN2 doesnt turn into nitrogen because that would break saves, this mod is not meant to add a bunch of redundant features, it's meant to add useful features that people will use, like THMO, that's an incredibly useful element, this mod should (in my opinion) be as compatible with vanilla so people can use it to make saves without worrying about accedentally using a modded element that completely breaks the save

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    bravo bravo, it is sooo cool!