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    now windows defender doesnt even do anything to stop me, that is WEIRD

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    > CLOR:

    Chlorine, can purify water, can be concentraded, powder.


    > CRVP:

    Chlorine vapor, toxic, can also be concentrated, gas, flows slowly upward and stops after 20 pixels.


    > LQCR:

    Liquid Chlorine, can also purify water, can be concentraded(setting via tmp), liquid.


    > CRWT:

    Chlorined water, can be concentrated, if the temperature is above 150C it evaporates in water vapor and chlorine vapor, concentration made via chlorine, TMP defines it.


    > VTBK:

    Vantablack, transforms PHOT and UV into temperature instantly, has a white layer on it(every pixel touching nothing turns white via Tmp), if touching CRWT and if the temperature is above 125C it enters in fusion [PROT=300, NEUT=250, ELEC=100, Temp=9570].


    > ITFS:

    Instant fusion, can be used for better fusions, without the need of Tmp, .life or Tmp2.


    > ELES:

    Electronic emissor, emits a ELCW to a receptor, Tmp defines to which ELCR the ELCW.


    > ELRC:

    Electronic receptor, recepts a ELCW, Tmp defines the ELCW that will be recepted.


    > ELCW:

    Electronic waves, can "flow" to a receptor, emited by a ELES.


    The eletronic things can be more... cool.

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    it says there is a virus

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    That's just a false positive. The same thing sometimes happens with vanilla TPT as well.

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    Hey its saying there a virus in this, why exactly is that? im awating a answer

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    @TheChicken (View Post)

     Rest assured, it's not like this mod (or jacob's mod) has a real virus that could harm your PC. It's just a false positive from windows defender which thinks it might™.

    I thought jacob solved the problem a few days ago, but it seems like it isn't solved yet.


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    Nice. If you can throw some details about that fusion element, I might actually try making one!

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    Cracker1000? the hidden elements don't save, can you make it so. (sorry if that sounds demanding)

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    lol i like the cursor circle feature

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    @see_version (View Post)

     You are the first one to say that, lol.

    @IEATDIRT (View Post)

    It has been suggested in the past too. Not sure why I didn't make it load the extra elements on startup.

    Anyway, it will be there as an option in the next version :)