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  • jacob1
    3rd March Developer 0 Permalink
    We are now allowing usernames to be changed. For now, this will be a manual process.

    To have your username changed, please send me a conversation with the username you want to change to. This username must be free, if there is another account with that username, no matter how inactive, I cannot change your username.
    Once I change the username, you will be logged out in both the website and in-game. If you are logged out after sending a username change request, log in with the new username (and remember, usernames are case-sensitive). Everything in your account will remain intact, and will be listed under the new username.

    Allow up to 2 days for username change requests to be processed. I'm sometimes busy with work or other things, and may not respond to requests immediately. After the username is changed, your original username will be available for anyone else to register with. But per rule S7 impersonation is against the rules, so anyone caught intentionally registering a previously-used username will be banned.
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