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    Update: usernames can now be changed without moderator intervention! The process is streamlined so that anyone can change their username at any time.

    To change your username, go here:

    There are some limits placed on username changes, which are:
      - You can only change your username once every 2 weeks
      - You cannot change your username to a name used by another user within the last 2 months
      - You cannot change your username if you have been banned in the last month

    Eligibility will be checked when you view the page, if you are not eligible, an error message will shown when you visit the page. Your previous username will be displayed on your profile page for 14 days. After that, it won't be shown.

    Like before, changing your username will immediately log you out of the website and game. In the future, the game will be able to receive your new username automatically, but for now this limitation will be in place.
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