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  • LBPHacker
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    That's because an eager beaver whose changes ended up being merged into TPT not too long ago updated the wiki to reflect his changes and forgot to add that they won't appear in the official version until there's a new release.

  • munibf
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    I love the game but it hasn't received a big update with new features in so much time. the game runs terribly when I have a moderate amount of particles and its next to impossible to even try to play on mobile. overall great game but it is lacking content and I mean original and creative content, it would be great if it had more realist involved also :)

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    @munibf (View Post)

    the game runs terribly when I have a moderate amount of particles and its next to impossible to even try to play on mobile.

    This is a known unsolvable issue. The developers can make the game run better, but due to the sheer complexity of TPT, and various technical limitations, making it run at max performance all the time on home PCs is next to impossible.

    hasn't received a big update with new features in so much time.

    Well, what really is there to add? The developers don't really have any major ideas for new elements, and the community doesn't either. If you want more content, then suggust more content, and tell the developers how you think it might work. Elements really do get added this way.

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  • 6nop6nop
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    I tried to make an element that behaves opposite to newtonian gravity like ANAR.

    If you make a clone of ANAR like:

    elem.element(elem.IDK_PT_ANR2, elem.element(elem.DEFAULT_PT_ANAR))"Name""ANR2")"Description""fdfdsf")"Colour"0x33ffff)

    it still gets pushed by NGRV and pulled by PGRV.

    Thinking this property must be in its update function, i looked in the anar file on github but didnt see anything to do with newtonian gravity in int Element_ANAR::update(UPDATE_FUNC_ARGS). I  also looked at the stuff for gravmap. I'm thinking there might be a bug but maybe i just  missed something?

  • LBPHacker
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    The element itself has a Gravity property of -0.1. Also, your code works perfectly fine for me, creating an element that behaves like ANAR.

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  • 6nop6nop
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    for me it works right with regular gravity but not the newtonian gravity tools

  • LBPHacker
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    Hm, turns out newtonian gravity has an exception for ANAR. Nothing can be done about this from the Lua side.

  • Epicness250
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    Seeing as how this is the feedback site, I would like to see some options from the terrible sandbox game, Powder Game. First, the ability to slowly go frame by frame when the game is paused. Second, the ability to lock your pen to be vertical and horizontal (also for phone users, to lock your pen in one specific spot, even if you tap somewhere else). Lastly to be able to speed up time. 


    Also, element suggestion, Pin. Pin allows you to pin other elements to that position, even elements that are affected by gravity. It could be considered a WALL type, and allows everything to go in but not out, or it could be with the elements PROP, COOL and HEAT (I don't know what that catigory is called). This would be great for map makers. One example that i just came up with is to pin stone in the air in a circular fasion and heat it up, now you have a star, or our sun.


    Thank you for reading,


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    @Epicness250 (View Post)
    You can press 'f' to go frame by frame when the game is paused.

    "lock your pen to be vertical and horizontal" - I think you mean line tool? Try holding shift to start the line tool, then press "alt" to lock it into the closest of the 8 diagonals. This lets you draw perfectly straight lines.

    "speed up time" - tpt simulates as fast as it can, or to 60fps. If you're getting 60fps, you can use tpt.setfpscap(200) to increase the fps cap to whatever you want. If you're getting less than 60, there's nothing the game can do to go any faster.

    PIN seems maybe interesting, kind of like stasis wall but doesn't block particle updates. Unsure if it would be useful or not though.
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    Updating everyone on the Steam publication progress - we remain committed to releasing on Steam. However, the development has been continuously working on parity between the different platforms (Desktop and Android). There's also been an effort on fixing some minor bugs and cleaning up the code. I do not have a definitive timeline on the release, as we are required to go through a secondary approval process. That part of the process could take up to a month, depending on Valve's backlog

    Since many of us are busy with various IRL and project tasks, we'll likely ask for people to send in screenshots to be used in the storefront. We've done some internal discussion on the idea. There's just a few restrictions that need to be followed for us to consider your entry (fullscreen mode screenshot, no product text descriptions, and shows actual gameplay). Please do not post entries on this thread - we haven't made an official spot for them and we won't be making an official entry area until we can be sure they're needed.