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  • jacob1
    26th Feb 2019 Developer 1 Permalink
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    I'm not sure.Could be within a week, could be 3 weeks. I consider the remaining 94.0 issues to be pretty minor (besides the computer freezing one), so I'm not in a rush.

    Also more information in case it helps some about the freezing issue. It doesn't actually freeze your computer, it just locks the input to the TPT window, preventing you from clicking on anything else. It only does this in short bursts, whenever you are holding down the mouse. I'm doing this to receive mouse movement updates when you drag outside the TPT window.
    It works fine, but I'm guessing some people had problems where another window tried to take focus, or I saw complaints about fullscreen mode. It still does this in fullscreen mode even though it doesn't need to.
  • LordOfArrnyca
    13th Mar 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    Hey there jacob1! Big fan of TPT 

    I was wondering, could you try to code A powder tool(instead of toy) or TPT2 in a different language like python or something else so that you can add better physics for moving solids. Also please add:

    1.scroller mode so you can have larger or infinite spaces

    2.items like axil particles screw particles and ropes. Get ideas from "super contraption" (Android) and "Algodoo"(PC) element "button"(BUTN) that produces a spark when a chosen key is pressed

    4.a separate or in game app that allows you to make your own elements without having to know coding. Get ideas from The Elements:sandbox game(Android)

    5.try to find out how "OE Cake!"(PC) Works and use it to create flexible and rigid materials

    6.for a bit of ???? add an ad system. When installed the user has to watch literally 100(more or less) ads in total. He/she will be able to make an ad plan.e.g. 1 ad every day or 5 ads everyday until he completes 100 ads

    This will be the one of the most popular games!

    To other users: If you would like the powder tool to exist, then please use the hashtag



  • jacob1
    14th Mar 2019 Developer 1 Permalink
    @LordOfArrnyca (View Post)
    I hid all your other duplicate posts but I will respond here.

    1. This is not possible due to technical limitations. Both in code, and the amount of fps you would get.
    2. I haven't played those two games specifically. But it sounds like moving solids, which are on the rejected elements list (also due to technical limitations of the engine)
    3. That's a bad idea because pretty much every key is already taken. I'm not going to allow saves to overwrite an existing key shortcut.
    4. TPT has a Lua api which lets you make new elements. Several people have made element creators before. Although none are "good enough" to be up to my standards for inclusion into the game :P. I was thinking of making one myself at some point.
    5. Moving solids are rejected. OE Cake probably designed their engine to support those from the beginning. Our game was not.
    6. Why would you ever want ads? This makes no sense. I hate ads and I'm not going to add any more (I want to remove the one on the website but the money doesn't go to me. But I do block it in my browser.)

    I recommend you read the "How to suggest an element" thread in the Feedback section. Also post any future suggestions in that forum section. Suggestions in this thread will be removed, because this isn't a suggestion thread, just a feedback thread.

    I do think you are trolling, by suggesting things that are entirely impossible / would require months of work. And that ad suggestion (like seriously, nobody wants more ads). But, I figured I would give some serious responses here anyway just in case, and because others have suggestion similar things before.
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  • Rashoneh
    6th Apr 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    when i updated the TPT, i saw Powder_upd.exe file appears after reclose and reopen TPT game.


    I did it.

  • nucular
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    This post has been removed: spam
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    @nucular (View Post)


    Please read rules before playing TPT,

    if not read rules, if might be banned.

  • jacob1
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    @Rashoneh (View Post)
    Rule S9:
    Avoid backseat moderating. Moderators are the ones who make the decisions. Users should refrain from threatening bans or possible results from breaking a rule. If there is a possible issue or you are unsure, we recommend reporting the issue through the 'Report' button or via the messaging system on the website.
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    @Rashoneh (View Post)
    Please read rules before posting TPT,

    if not read rules, if might be banned.
  • Rashoneh
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    @jacob1 , i can't find report button in the forum.

  • Videogamer555
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    If I want to suggest a new feature or something, should I post it in this thread? Or create a dedicated thread for request in the Feedback section?
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