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  • mememan97
    13th April Member 0 Permalink

    i got a memory read write error from trying to remove a sign.

  • boyboi
    13th May Member 0 Permalink

    I'm having the problem of not being able to maximize the powder toy window in Windows. Is there a solution for this?

  • jacob1
    13th May Developer 1 Permalink
    @boyboi (View Post)
    This is intentional, since TPT does not resize very well. It is a game entirely of pixels that expects to be a certain width and height, and can't change that.

    But, you can go into options and turn on "Resizable" and you'll be able to maximize the game. You can also try out the fullscreen option (which works best with both sub-options also enabled)
  • boyboi
    13th May Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Okay, thank you.

  • Prison_car
    4th June Member 0 Permalink

    sometimes save doesnt work pls fix i lost soo many elements

  • piecraft
    5th June Member 0 Permalink

    You should add this to the game multiplayer and the cursor is in a box so you can see the other person's cursor and also the color of the box is the color of the element this is a hopefully good idea thanks if you add this

  • CALVIN1390
    11th June Member 0 Permalink

    bug: my account name at the top right says games and when i view someones profile the 2 tabs say games and catalog

  • SamDwich
    12th June Member 0 Permalink

    I am a bit confused as to where i should look for help formatting posts. (examples: new lines, bullet points), so i'll post here.

  • ojas
    15th June Member 0 Permalink

    hey so i logged in on this wiki but the game still asks me to login and when i put the name and password it say they are incorrect why?

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