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  • jacob1
    1st Sep 2020 Developer 0 Permalink


    Uhh Guys Is there a bug with the fire? Its acting really weird.

    Can you be more descriptive? What is wrong with fire?
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  • Ast
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  • Coder4Christ
    20th Oct 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    Question, will there ever be STKM support on mobile? It's really frustrating to pull out my phone to play TPT and find that the save requires a keyboard, when you are out in the middle of nowhere. They are really fun little ragdolls, and it would be great if a joystick were added so they could be played with anywhere. Also, could there maybe be a way to give them more traction? I find that is sadly missing, since they can be a pain to control sometimes. Also more power ups than just the jet boots would be appreciated.

  • jacob1
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    @Coder4Christ (View Post)
    It would be nice to have, but I'm not currently doing any work on the Android port.

    Stickmen are just as hard to control on PC, I'm mildly interested in fixing the controls, but I have a lot of other things I'd like to work on if I get time.

    So anyway, can't say if stickmen controls will ever be added to mobile. Even then I'd rather add line support first.
  • Draca
    6th February Member 0 Permalink
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  • laviday
    9th February Member 0 Permalink

    Is there a reason WARP cannot be painted on or seen with the find option? If not it would be nice if it could be.

  • ChargedCreeper
    9th February Member 0 Permalink<file that does not exist>,1) in console instantly crashes the game. Admittedly, I was specifically searching for ways that lua could crash it, lol.

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  • LBPHacker
    9th February Developer 1 Permalink
    This is technically Lua's fault for blindly forwarding the mode parameter from a scripting environment to an environment that says that non-standard modes (everything that isn't /(r|w|a)\+?/) are all undefined behaviour. I personally really don't feel like fixing this >_>
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  • Deuteactormadness
    31st March Member 0 Permalink

    could someone tell me why when my save are reopened, the glass/tungsten in my ship break, I mean there are no pressure causing them, I think this is a bug. anyway the link is here 

  • LBPHacker
    31st March Developer 1 Permalink
    This bug has already been fixed for the next stable release. For now, you can fix your save by issuing the following commands:

    !set pavg0 tung 0
    !set pavg1 tung 0
    !set pavg0 qrtz 0
    !set pavg1 qrtz 0
    !set pavg0 glas 0
    !set pavg1 glas 0