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  • LBPHacker
    9th February Developer 0 Permalink

    Can confirm, here it is. Been there for a long time. We don't touch it because it doesn't seem like it poses much of a problem.

  • tt_thoma
    17th February Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     That normal the BUBW (carbonated water) EXPLODES when it releases CO2?

    Can you disable the break effect under pressure and make it just activate it with the Newtonian gravity because I would like to combine the pressure resistance and the high melting point (with TUNG)?

  • dhdoctor
    21st February Member 0 Permalink

    Sorry if it has already been reported but when using the replace tool with plsm it just deletes what you are replacing.

  • jacob1
    21st February Developer 0 Permalink
    @dhdoctor (View Post)
    Replace tool is broken in general in the snapshot, there's other bugs too. It has already been fixed for the next version :)

    And the next version will come this weekend if all goes well. I've been struggling with the Android port for the last two weeks.