Powder Toy Java Edition (W.I.P)

  • DreamingWarlord
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    Powder Toy Java Edition is basically TPT++. But it's

    written in Java.





    Github: [put something makes sense here]



    Update Log:

    12.02.2019:Frames, buttons, mouse handler and a few icons. Still no physics

    23.02.2019:Im trying to add physics. I also added new buttons!

    9.03.2019:I have big problems. Download V0.2 and see some big problems.

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  • jacob2
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    Please post the source code. Mods without source code will be removed.

    Since this is your own code, GPL doesn't apply, but I can still enforce that rule on the forums. Running random .jar files is unsafe, so requiring source code at least proves you put work into an actual mod.
  • DreamingWarlord
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    I'll add github link as soon as possible

  • Lockheedmartin
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    The whole reason TPT exists is because Skylark could not run Powder Game in Firefox on Linux. Oh the irony
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    This thread can be locked, Im now working on a new version of this.

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