why art saves are demoted?

  • TheSupaMario
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    why saves with art are demoted? there's no real harm in making an art, so why some (or all, idk) art saves are demoted? :(

  • LBPHacker
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    TPT, being the sandbox-type simulator it is, allows art to manifest in a bunch of different forms. One of these is imagery using the default colours of elements, different dcolor settings of a single element, or a mixture of those. This form is just as respectable as any other form of art, and while it is possible to make, it's not the supported way of making art (or anything, really) in TPT. In other words, it's just not what TPT is for. Art of this kind tends to be static, something that doesn't work too well in a particle simulator as dynamic as TPT.


    While that's not a counter-argument against static art, it is an argument for why static art is demoted from the front page. Saves on the front page are supposed to, among other things, show you what people are capable of making given TPT's features. And while displaying and sharing static art is certainly a feature of TPT, it's not unique to TPT (art sharing sites exist), and thus receives less focus than features that are unique to TPT, and these unique features are prioritised above it. The result is that saves on front page tend to be the ones that make use of these unique features, and when that's not the case, moderators intervene.


    Note that not all saves with art are demoted. There's a direct correlation between how much of TPT's unique, dynamic features a save exhibits and how likely it is to not be demoted from FP. I say likely because moderators don't always intervene, at least not immediately, mostly because there aren't too many of them and even fewer of them are online in any given moment, and also because sometimes they don't know what to do with saves featuring art themselves. Art is like that.


    That said, the staff aren't against saves with art. Saves that really piss them off are unpublished, not merely demoted (think of pure CGI). Demoting is a way of saying that while this save may be awesome and the community may like it, it's not exactly what TPT is for (and like I said, this doesn't always happen!). The blind and meaningless hate against art that you can see in comments and sometimes even tags also doesn't come from the staff but rather users who feel like it's their task to uphold the "purity" of TPT by hating artists and their saves into oblivion.

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  • Lockheedmartin
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    Basically what @LBPHacker (View Post) stated. We don't demote art saves often because many of them are pretty good. The ones that we do demote are using DMND or flood-filling the screen with a single element that are used as a canvas for the decoration layer.
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    I've been playing this game for 7 or 8 years now, and there have always been both art saves and people hating on art saves. It's just a fact of life :P
    I wish people would understand that art isn't evil, it's just not desirable to have it cluttering up the front page