The Realistic Physics Mod

  • tonimark
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    doesn't work with newer saves

  • Powerplant
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    Do it on android 

  • Bunborg
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    i tried to run the installed .EXE for windows, and windows defender stopped it running, sayng it may put my PC at risk. anyone else seen this?

  • Lockheedmartin
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    @Bunborg (View Post)
    This is a false-positive issue know for most versions of the game. It should run perfectly fine
  • SuperStrike88
    2nd October Member 0 Permalink

    Best mod in years! I love it!

    It really improves the functionality of the radioactive elements!

    great job!


    Could you add an element like lead (tagID:*LEAD*) that prevents most if not all gamma rays from passing through it. It should have the highest gamma ray absorbtion power of all the elements, that would be awesome thank you!

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  • Michael238
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    There's already a few elements that have really high gamma absorption values. They are URAN and PLUT. In real life (and this is the Realistic Physics Mod after all), uranium is actually a far better radiation shield than lead is.

  • coryman
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    GOLD is pretty good at blocking GAMA, and most metals are okay at it. If you need something to completely block them, you can try with something like SHLD

  • ClamPSA
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