The Realistic Physics Mod

  • firefreak11
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    This is inspiring 

  • TheSupaMario
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  • Michael238
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    Radiation is already in the mod, in the form of GMMA. Radioactive elements such as URAN or PLUT slowly release it over time unless exposed to NEUT, which causes a massive amount of it to be created as a byproduct of the fission reaction.

  • TheSupaMario
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    @janek123 (View Post)

     I don't think that's needed, just make a 'T' shaped bomb. Then it can create the effect of a mushroom cloud.

  • Michael238
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    Interestingly enough, nukes would make a mushroom cloud already, except that the space needed for them to form is much larger than the current simulation size. The reason I say this is that small heat sources already make a mushroom shape just before the air currents move it out of the simulation.

  • thecooldog12345678
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    Wow,this is amazing! I actually discovered this mod makes diamond destructable because I made it 9999999999° and it blew up. Lol. Also,I did this:Put down antimatter and make it max temp. IT DESTROYS EVERY SINGLE THING.

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  • No_one
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    This mod is really cool! But it need some more additions... For example: litium, tritium, and more solids. I think this mod is better than simple TPT! (I have mistces, sorry)

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  • eloas3
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    Quick question here, can we update the snapshot and still have the mod?

    (The mod snaphost)


    EDIT: nevermind we can't

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  • TheEditor4
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    This is really cool, but when i open a save in 2019, it says {(Title:This save is from a newer version)Description:Please update TPT in game or at} pls fix it into 94.1 btw i still have the elements from 94.1 but remove the message pls

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