2018-11-25 18:59:25
A Intragalactic planet
Hello, I'm TheEditor4. I am a person who edits stuff. I always give credit to the thing that I will add and edit. I might add deco to the thing I might edit. I might not publish the edited save. I had a FIGH rain, I got the idea by myself, not other saves. That's irrelevant on the FIGH rain. So, I've been playing T.P.T. since 2018.11.20 and I'm still playing. I haven't played this game for a long time, several days. I'm trying to think of a picture for my profile today. I type pretty quick without using home row. Well, I am ALWAYS bored and trying to think of a save I made myself and publish the save to the 206,203 people (I guess thats--uh, thats the amount of people that signed in to T.P.T.) in T.P.T. Yeah I know I said that twice due to that think above this sentence. I mostly get saves and then change them to look better. I only get ideas from videos or images. But, I am not offline. I am always online to edit lots of saves and-uh, edit them? I'm wanting to publish my finished version of my very first STKM game. That idea came from games that you have to escape lots of rooms with a STKM that can be controlled by the one playing. But yeah, I kinda have a boost of saves on 2019.10.27 and have gotten fp once. FP means front page, but probally means more than front page. Alright, bye.
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