• Everyone
    4th Nov 2018 Member 2 Permalink

    Gravatar support has been added to Swing over to your 'Settings' and there will be a place to input and submit your Gravatar email.

  • Lockheedmartin
    21st Nov 2018 Moderator 0 Permalink

    Added the ability to post save based trends with custom "descriptions". Basically the system will no longer pull your save's description, so you will provide text for that when posting one.

  • Lockheedmartin
    25th Nov 2018 Moderator 0 Permalink

    You may now select between sorting by your subscribed 'Most Recent' or sort by the global 'Trending'. There's a little option that you simply click, located under the compose box on the Newsfeed. That will automatically switch you between the two types of sorting options.



    Trending is a simple sort of all the posts on the site with the most likes in the last day timeframe. While the 'Trending' section sorts all the posts on the site, I have plans to allow sorting the subscribed user newsfeeds.

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  • Lockheedmartin
    21st Dec 2018 Moderator 0 Permalink

    I've added a password change function in the "Settings" area. Also, whenever you change a setting, for example Gravatar e-mail, then click away from the box, that input will automatically be submitted. So no longer a "Submit" or "Save" button. I'm working on adding a password reset method through e-mail or re-verification.

  • Lockheedmartin
    21st Dec 2018 Moderator 0 Permalink

    Added the ability to like replies and reply to replies. The replying to replies is infinite, however, the styling may not handle that issue too well. Eventually, that will be fixed when I change some styling around the site.

    Due to a recent server update, things broke. Indefinite Outage

    UPDATE 21/12/2018: The server will remain down for recovery for an indefinite amount of time. This issue occurred during a routine update cycle, but whatever reason the whole thing crashed beyond my understanding. While the data, as far as I can tell, remains safe, there is no ways to access the data without the server. I'm looking into extracting the database and files to recover the server.


    As this is a complicated task to myself, the server will remain offline for an indefinite amount of time. I'm hoping to get things running again before thew New Year, but that's rather doubtful.

    UPDATE 22/12/2018: Everything seems to now be running fine. I managed to recover the server by some process of detaching, attaching to a temporary server, fixing the issue, and reataching to the original server. The process was awful. The site is now operating as normal

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  • Lockheedmartin
    23rd February Moderator 0 Permalink is going to be temporary shutdown while I transfer to a larger server. I doubt anyone is really using the platform, but development has been limited due to my schedule and the memory limitations. There are a few features I'm working on (slowly) and after the migration in the next few weeks, should be released eventually.

    I say eventually because it's probably after my completely booked out month of conferences in April. So, don't expect a release immediately after migration.
  • Lockheedmartin
    11th July Moderator 0 Permalink
    TPTAPI has remained untouched for awhile - mostly since I've been working on a number of projects (both internal and external of TPT relations). One project which may impact the site's setup is my work on OAuth2 implementation with the official server (ie. this one, the one you're using right now for the game)

    @jacob1 and I have been sorta working on site stuff, sorta not, depending on our availability. My side of things are the server for OAuth2 implementation. @jacob1 is looking at using said authentication API for TPTMP and the script server. If there's official implementation of an authentication API, the site will likely be redone into some sort of distractions and diversions place. Mini-games to test out authentication API functionality, probably bring back the stock market simulator. As of right now, I'm uncertain of when that will happen.
  • Lockheedmartin
    12th September Moderator 1 Permalink
    I'm shutting down social network project, effective 16/09/2019 (Monday). It was an interesting idea, but there's other pre-packaged setups which I'll be integrating in the future when the official TPT server adds OAuth2 authentication. The prep-packaged setups do almost the exact same thing and can easily be maintained. Additionally, my list of other projects has been piling up. Including a separate social media app I've been building from scratch that won't have any affiliation with TPT.

    Any posts or other details you want to archive will be available in the meantime before the shutdown date. Afterwards, the database table contents will be erased of the contents for security reasons.