Rotating large stamps

  • 12Me21
    13th June Member 0 Permalink

    If you rotate a stamp that's wider than the screen height, the edges are cut off. This makes it impossible to rotate wide stamps by 180 degrees.


    Maybe you should just allow stamps to be placed partially off screen. Now that shifting stamps will extend them rather than just removing the parts that are shifted out, it's no longer possible to place a stamp partially offscren by shifting out the parts you don't need and then placing it at the edge.

  • jacob1
    13th June Developer 0 Permalink
    You could ctrl+shift+r then shift+r to rotate 180 degrees.

    It would be nice if stamps could be "placed" offscreen and the edges cut off though, yeah. That's an extra restriction that got added with the stamp shifting update that wasn't really intentional. The feature originally came from subframe mod I think, in that mod you can place stamps off screen. I think it was buggy, but it should be super easy to make it not buggy.