PSA: Review the New Rules Thread

  • Lockheedmartin
    9th May 2018 Moderator 1 Permalink

    After about a month of collaboration and writing, the staff and I have created a new thread for the rules. This new thread re-unifies the rules of in-game and forums. We decided for the sake of easier reading and formatting, the unified thread makes sense.


    There are a few changes - please read the new rule thread! We have added and clarified specific actions that are deemed a violation of the rules. There will be a roll out of a new ban reason format. Instead of making a ban reason with "Inappropriate comments, blah blah blah" we will begin listing the section, rule number, and sub-number of that violation in question.


    Example: S(5)(2)


    Translation: Section S: Rules 5(2) -


    Rule 5) Do not advertise third-party games, sites, or other places not related to The Powder Toy.

    (2) Unauthorized or unofficial community gathering places, such as Discord, are prohibited.


    Meaning the user has advertised an unauthorized gathering place, such as Discord.


    We wanted to make a clear format for the rules and the ban reason. Hopefully these rules will clear up any confusion the old rule thread may have created. Again, review the new rules thread. If you have any question or comments, leave them in this thread. Feedback is appreciated!

  • moonheart08
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    Maybe a rule to prevent excessive use of formatting, like this?

  • moonheart08
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    This post has been removed by jacob1: Rule S2: Do not spam
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  • mniip
    9th May 2018 Developer 0 Permalink
    As voiced on IRC, "Intentional lag inducing or crashing saves are prohibited." is a questionable rule to have.
  • QuanTech
    9th May 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    i'd like to be hired as a powder toy lawyer thanks

  • jacob1
    9th May 2018 Developer 2 Permalink
    @mniip (View Post)
    Why? That's always been a rule. The point is that those saves aren't allowed on front page. There are many saves that are just CRAY bombs which are intended only to lag the game.

    I feel like some of our intentions were lost when redoing the in-game rules though. Not all rules are equal, some are more severe than others. Some might get your save demoted (rules 2, 5.2, 5.3, 8), some might get it unpublished (rules 1, 4, 5.1, 7), and some might get you banned (rules 3, 6, sometimes 7). Rules 9 and 10 are rarely enforced, because banning users who make reports in good faith isn't going to make them want to report saves again. I might go and edit information like this back into the rules later.

    Edit: also how about using formats like G5.2 instead of G(5)(2)? G5.2 is way easier to type.
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  • TPT_PL
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    Why is image plotting prohibited? I'm just curious.
  • Mrprocom
    9th May 2018 Moderator 0 Permalink
    @TPT_PL (View Post)

    Those saves are CGI, look at how many up-votes they have. The author made no effort into creating those saves, they only created a program to convert an image into a TPT saves, and a lot of people don't know that fact. This is obviously unfair, that's why image plotting is prohibited.

    I'm surprised that those saves got unpublished, I wasn't aware of that.
  • Ben_Ger
    9th May 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    Now, at the risk of bringing the wrath of admins upon me, but due to past experiences I have to strongly oppose the last rule.

    The "I am an admin, I can do what I want" rule. (Unless I misread it in the original post)

    I have seen multiple times that this sort of rule seems harmless at first and then becomes internet dictatorship.

    I usually would not use such strong language on here, since TPT has not angered me, but I will do that now:
    Kill that rule. It leads to nothing but abuse and will ultimately kill this game and its community.