QA: What are your questions?

  • wotax
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    1-Are you considering to add more elements?

    2-What are requeritments to be mod?

  • jacob1
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    Since I have a full time job and also prefer to do other things, development will mostly stay upkeep-only unless other devs come along. @mniip has actually done a lot of useful work recently. I did a little by upgrading to sdl2. Once I stabilize the sdl2 port i'll probably release another version. mniip's unicode changes are already very stable, only some minor bugs with the local save browser that I haven't fixed yet.

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    There is a new element in the snapshots RAYT, it's another electronic element that subframe users seem to really like.
    I would like some more elements for "normal" users, but I don't think I've created an element myself for several years now.

    The requirements to be a mod are that the existing mods select you. That isn't going to happen, we aren't actively looking right now :P
  • wotax
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    @jacob1 (View Post) Nice how do i get snapshot?


  • jacob1
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  • ChargedCreeper
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    What inspired the creation of TPT anyways? Is it at all anything to do with The Falling Sand game or any of its variants?

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  • TPT_PL
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    Actually, that's a question for Skylark to answer.
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    I been told it was Powder Game. There is no rivalry with TPT. So please don't bash on Danball's Powder Game. 

    @jacob1 (View Post)

    What is your favorite non Nintendo character?

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  • jacob1
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    @ChargedCreeper (View Post)
    Skylark created it because powder game was a java web applet, and it was difficult to run for him at the time. He developed it for around 2 years, until Simon and the other developers took over.

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    Nobody said anything about a rivalry or any bashing. None of that ever existed, the rule that mentioned it was removed years ago due to being irrelevant.

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    Dunno, i'm excited for the crash bandicoot / spyro remakes, but both of those characters have been mostly dead for years
  • goodjob
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    How do you flip a stamp wile previewing it?

  • Mrprocom
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    You press R to rotate it, Shift+R to mirror is horizontally and Ctrl+Shift+R to mirror it vertically. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to move it one pixel in whatever direction you want.

    Here's a full list of keyboard shortcuts: