Reverse Clone

  • ParaParaPara
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    In a technical standpoint, almost every powder or liquid touching clone, inevtiably, it goes downward. Why not implement or have a modification to clone where the powders and liquids can ascend instead of descend? On that note, the particles that typically ascend with normal clone will descend with Reverse Clone. 


    Not much to go on, but regular clone has as many uses as this clone would have, but this clone is Reverse. 

  • TPT_PL
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    The nearest possible thing to this is making clone shoot particles upwards. I don't think that's what you want.
  • moonheart08
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    There is literally no way to do this besides shooting particles upwards. TPT isn't capable of having some particles have reversed gravity and others have normal

  • zaccybot2
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    @moonheart08 (View Post)

     Of course TPT is capable of that, just look at ANAR... quite why you'd want this, though, I have no idea. Creating a new reversed type for every normal element type would be stupid, as well. 

  • jacob1
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    @zaccybot2 (View Post)
    This is actually impossible with the current code. ANAR is a special element with reverse gravity.

    Gravity is a property of the element, not of the particle. So each element can have different gravity values, but different particles of DUST all have the same gravity.

    So to do this, we would have to add a new element for every single powder and liquid, which while "possible" is obviously never going to happen.

    There are certain element properties that may be nice to change to be per particle (like state), but gravity isn't one of them.
  • zaccybot2
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

    That was mostly my point, that it would require adding a new element for each current element, and just reversing the gravity on the new elements, creating a huge amount of near-duplicate elements with a "falling upwards" property.