Little help with my idea?

  • NuclearBaby
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    Currently making a freeze ray out of a cooling rod with Sub Zero Flame (Since it works the fastest that I know of) and a simple laser. Well I do not know how to cool the photons fast enough. I am doing the opposite of a standard laser design. So I need ideas of ways to cool it. So far I am trying putting glass in the laser to slow down the particles and spread them out, then I have a Filter at the end of it to give me a  temp readout and focus the particles a tiny bit more. But this doesn't have a lot of succsess. Help?

  • TuDoR2007
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    You could use HEAC. It's sort of... meant for it.

  • Ben_Ger
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    for cooling, use dead GOL particles (STAN works best in my opinion)

  • NuclearBaby
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    Never actually figured out how to use the GOL particles for that? I always put them in a small cross shaped void thing and they either always die or do nothing. And aren't they always in the Purple in heat.

  • dyaomaster
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     You can use anything in the LIFE section; play around to see what works best. Personally, I always use 2xn long rectangles of WALL or alternating rows of MAZE for cooling.

    A life particle spawns at 9999K, but every frame it cools down until it reaches 0K (-273.15C). So if you have uncontrolled life it's usually really hot, but if you control it and keep it from moving it's the most effective cooling substance.

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    @NuclearBaby (View Post)

     If you take 1 TRON particle and place it it in an empty 4x4 pixel square (Use the pause feature before placing it) and use the property edit tool to change the .tmp2 to 3, Life to 39, and .tmp to 12355. Trap it in HEAC, and use multiple sets, and it cools EXTREMELY fast.


    This is where I found that method. All credit to Catelite. 


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    Here, I made two lasers for anyone to use and copy. Go forth and freeze sum sh*t: