Wierd question.

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     Is it possible to get banned if: you create a second account just to dislike your work? xd I dont know how I came up with this.

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     2. No self-voting. This equates making more than one account, and then using those accounts to vote for your own saves, or even someone else's. It's very obvious when it happens, we can see this easily. People get banned for doing this. Don't do it. It's still possible to make an account for multiple people to use and post saves on, provided no votes are made with the group account, and no posts are made on the forums with it.-Lockheedmartin. on Rules.


    I am pretty sure it would be called self-voting already explained in the post above mine. 

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    Yes, I don't care if it's downvoting, it's still multi account voting and you would be banned for it

    If something like this happened, I would generally assume it was some annoying friend and perm ban the alt. I might ban the main a few days or maybe less
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    eh I just came up with a dumb question anyways. Thanks for answering guys!