i got ideas for a new mod.

  • sonytv
    5th Jan 2018 Member 2 Permalink

    hello i got some ideas of what i would like for a mod to have or script, we should have lighting pack or mod etc so there will be diffrent types and how they react and  shapes of them, nature elements or seed pack mod,

    sound mod to add sound affect or music to the game to diffrent things.

    bigger stick man and custom stick man art etc,

    i would like to see these things i think it would be cool and to be able to make your own stick man and to have bigger and better graphic and not so small pixels etc.

  • tptquantum
    5th Jan 2018 Member 0 Permalink


    >stkm stuff


  • phox
    5th Jan 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    someone made a sound mod but it played too much noise since each particle made a noise

  • jacob1
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    @tptquantum (View Post)
    This is a mod suggestion thread, maybe a mod maker would want to make these