nSpire CX builds?

  • 123me
    27th Dec 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    I was wondering if someone could port TPT to the Nspire CX calculators. There already is SDL (nSDL), and the Nspire is powerful enough (in a sense) to run it...


    How could this be possible?

    I have an Nspire CX, though, so I could bugcheck.

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  • Fusionftw
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    The Nspire has 100mb of storage and 64mb of ram. 

    The Nspire has a touchscreen, but a smallish screen, so there should be a zoom function.

    For selecting elements and menu buttons, the trackpad should be used.

    For the views, you could use the number keys.

    It would be hard to make local saves, so it should only be able to upload saves to the server.

    The keyboard shortcuts for powder toy (pressing w to change gravity, etc.) would still be there.

    There might be a reduced amount of tools and elements you could use (you could still see and interact with them on the screen, but you can't place them.

    The console might not be there, to save space on the screen.

  • 123me
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    The Nspire doesn't have a touchscreen or actual WiFi. nDoom uses .wad.tns files; the application once built is smaller than 64MB!

    And for the console; it could blank the screen and pause the simulation.

    Fitting all the elements would be a stretch; using the elements list is possible, but hard.

    It may be possible to put full TPT on the Nspire; just really hard.

    (if someone can give me a modified SConstruct file for the CX, I'll build it!)

  • Fusionftw
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    Oh, I thought it had a touchscreen. I was looking around google for information. 

  • jeffluo35
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    oh god no.
    it has 64mb of RAM. unless crashing the OS seems like a good idea, you don't want to use much of that.
    its cpu is an ARM cpu which doesn't support sse, sse2, etc. it's also a really old ARM cpu. if you got tpt to even run on that cpu, i'd be pretty amazed.
    the screen's resolution is 320x240. in contrast, the main area of tpt is almost twice as large as that. in other words, have fun seeing 1/4ths of a save at a time.
    basically, if you want 1fps and seeing only a quarter of a save at a time, go for it. i doubt it'll even compile with the ndless sdk.
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  • jacob1
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    @jeffluo35 (View Post)
    sse isn't important to TPT, we don't have any asm written to use it. If we did, it would be behind a #define

    Everything else you said though, totally accurate about why this is never going to happen.