How to load stamp (computer v.)

  • ProGaming128
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    Please, tell me, hot to load saved stamp..?

  • tptquantum
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    K for a list of stamps or L to load the last stamp you used.

  • cracker1000
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    Here are some hotkeys used in tpt.
    Delete Specific Element Erase mode (Ctrl+Alt+LMB to select element)
    Insert or ; (semicolon) Replace mode (Ctrl+Alt+LMB to select element to be replaced)
    TAB Circle/Square/Triangle Brush
    Space Pause
    Q Quit
    Esc Quit
    Z Zoom
    S Save stamp (+ Ctrl when STK2 is out)
    L Load last saved stamp
    K Stamp library
    C Cycle view mode
    0-9 Set view mode
    P Save screenshot to .png
    N Toggles Newtonian Gravity.
    F Pause and go to next frame
    G Grid
    H Show/Hide HUD
    D Debug mode (+ Shift when STK2 is out)
    I Invert Pressure and Velocity map
    W Toggle gravity modes (+ Shift when STK2 is out)
    Y Toggle air modes
    U Toggle ambient heat
    R Record or rotate counter-clockwise when stamp preview is up (record does not work on version 92.5)
    ~ Lua console
    = Reset pressure and velocity map
    [ Decrease brush size
    ] Increase brush size
    B Edit decoration layer
    E Element search
    F5 Reload simulation
    Use wiki for more information.