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    For more explosives.

    1: BRC5 (Broken c-5) is generated by pressurizing c-5


    2: BRC5 is a powder, and acts like c-5.


    3: BRC5 makes new powders mixed with GUN,


    4: BRC5 makes PPC5 (Powder power c-5) which acts like GBMB with no need to turn on Newtonian gravity.

    Use: Usefull for those who does not want to use GBMB to create tsunamies and things like that

    Property: Blow elements like a dmg bomb would do.


    5: PPC5 is BRC5 mixed with GUN to make PPC5 when PPC5 implodes it makes CFLM and purple EMBR AKA heating and cooling in same time , which meens it might melt but will cool down the element that melted right after or while blowing on it, of this way, it disform the element!


    6:All along when C-5 was broke to make BRC5 , the pressure was stored in BRC5 and was kept after making PPC5.


    7: Pressure is released when it blows  in same time of sticking the elements to the explosion.


    8:SPC5 mixed with PSTE will make SPC5 (Solid power c-5).


    9:SPC5 will act the same but will not create PGVT when PHOT touches it and will also color phots purple and make them brighter, just like PPC5.


    10:Behavior of PPC5 toward phots: Makes PGVT (Power gravitron) and colors phot purple and also making them brighter, like SPC5 will,


    Behavior toward NEUT: PPC5 and SPC5 act like SNOW with it.


    11: PGVT is a powered gravitron that will create large explosion of hot GRVT when touching almost anything, will create strong gravity like maximum heated GPMP would and will heat almost anything it touches to maximum heat. PGVT will release CAUS, NBLE, CO2, small amont of GRVT  and NEUT.


    Ignite: Use FIRE or PLSM to explode PPC5 and SPC5. Use CFLM to ignite BRC5 (Obviously)


    Resistance: PPC5 will not explode with pressure. SPC5 will not explode with pressure. SPC5 does not break and can not produce back PPC5. SPC5 can melt at 500C, If cooled down it becomes back SPC5.


    Conductivity: SPC5 and PPC5 does not conduct and insulates, does not explode by electricity.



    BRC5 would be amazing for cold guns.

    PPC5 would be just great for bombs, much people uses FIRW in their bomb, PPC5 produces glowy EMBR , CFLM and is great to watch explode.

    SPC5 would be usefull since it is a solid version of it and it colors phot without making any PGVT

    PGVT would be great for supernova explosions and everything of this kind and without gravity on just fun to watch and nicely coloured with nice glow. And yet it would be nice to have more breakable elements, so without adding one that just breaks, I suggest to make it create an element that would be usefull for many things :D .


    PPC5: 255 212 81 30 #2 255 207 15 59 #3 255 200 61 15 15 #4 255 238 3 108 #5 255 127 52 46.

    BRC5:  255 212 81 30 #2 255 200 61 15 #3 255 155 55 0.

    SPC5: 255 237 81 117.

    PGVT: 255 194 250 110. When makes gravity explosion: 255 82 90 254. When dies: 255 94 185 148.

    PPC5 and SPC5 colors phot:  255 252 65 149.

    To see what it looks like this is the id of my save.



    Thank you for reading

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    We ain't need no explosives. We've enough.
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    Yes we kind kind of need more explosives that are more powerfull and with very special effects!

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    @KingVampyre (View Post)

     We absolutely do not need more explosives. 

  • jacob2
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    I think the explosives we have now are far too weak, and would not mind more. I know you can make powerful explosives with what we have now, but it often involves layering or using the console
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    @jacob2 (View Post)

     The explosives now are like pyrotechnics.. but still, I don't really see what more explosives could add to the game - except in like super rare, specific cases maybe.. I DON'T KNOW.

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    zaccybot2 what explosives in this game actually implode yet, not talking about bombs but about powder and solid explosives. I do not know if you realize, but snow (ctype: sing) and all those things are just snow bombs and snow sing makes electrons, I hate seeing spark mess. And I heard someone other than me who said I hate seeing spark mess already so...

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