Element Idea: PLST, ALUM, SILR, and More

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    Deforms/Warps at around 100°C.

    Melting at around 200°C.

    Burns at around 300°C.

    Creates CO2 at around 150°C.


    Color: 96, 96, 96

    Spawn Temperature: 22C




    Color: 80, 80, 80 to 128, 128, 128

    Spawn Temperature: 22C



    Color: 128, 128, 128

    Spawn Temperature: 222C



    Color: 64, 64, 64

    Spawn Temperature: 22C



    If PLST touches fire it creates CO2 and burns and creates a lot of Molten Plastic (MPLS)


    If Pressure higher than 80bar or below negative 80 bar then it breaks into Broken Plastic (BPLS)


    BPLS needs to be melted to get it back to normal.


    if Oil is mixed BPLS then it creates Hardened Plastic


    If PLST touched with PLNT the PLNT dissolves


    PLST also insulates!


    HPLS ___________________________________________________________________________


    HPLS will warp if temperature exceeds 200°C

    It creates CO2 and melts if temperature exceeds 300°C

    It burns at 450°C.


    It breaks at 200bar or negative 200 bar.

    It turns into BHPL (Broken Hardened Plastic)


    If with ACID it turns back to PLST.

    If there is too much acid then it dissolves!


    ALUM (Aluminium)


    Color: 96, 96, 96 to 128, 128, 128

    Melts at 660°C

    Doens't Glow when hot


    If melted it turns into MALM (Molten Aluminium)


    If mixed with IRON then it's turning into ALIR (Aluminium+Iron)


    ALIR melts at 1000°C

    it rusts like iron


    If ALUM mixed with CRMC then it's turning to BALM (Breakable Aluminium)


    BALM melts at 1500°C

    It breaks below negative 50 bar


    every 1 bar it melts 10°C later


    if it is at 20 bar then it melts at 1700°C


    SILR (Silber)


    Melts at 960°C.


    SUGR (Sugar)


    Melts at 180°C.

    Unhealthy for Stickmans and Fighters.


    CKOL (Cooking Oil)


    Burns at 370°C.

    Great for Steak!


    STEK (Steak)


    Turns into RARS (Rare Steak) at 50°C

    Turns into MRSK (Medium Rare Steak) at 55°C

    Turns into MSTK (Medium Steak) at 60°C

    Turns into WLDS (Well Done Steak) at 70°C

    Turns into BUSK (Burnt Steak) at around 200°C


    It is unhealthy 'til the doneness rare.


    LITH (Lithium)

    Color: 192, 192, 192 to 255, 255, 255

    Burns at 200°C

    Works like BTRY but a very explosive one


    Eggs (Eggs)


    Cooks at 65°C which is turning to COEG. (Cooked Eggs)

    Burns at 150°C which is turning to BUEG. (Burnt Eggs)


    PAPR (Paper)


    Color: 240, 240, 240

    Getting darker at 150°C.

    Burning and giving ashes at 232°C.

    It creates a very little amount of CO2 and SMKE when burning.


    Human Blood

    25, 1, 5


    Spawns at 37°C.

    Dies at 42°C and below 25°C.


    Human Skin


    Color: 255, 208, 152

    Getting more blue below 20°C.

    Getting darker at Radiation.

    Creates Scald at 50°C




    it turns darker everything except non-flammable things.

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    1. The suggestion is a bit unwieldly. We should just have plastic and melted plastic. Melted plastic would not be a seperate element.

    If plastic touches fire it should produce some co2, not a lot.

    It should melt at 200C, and produce fire when a fire particle touches it.


    2. Molten aluminium should not be a seperate element. 

    Aluminium should melt at 1220C.

    We dont need other alloys and things, just tell us about the aluminium.


    3. Sugar would be a useless element the way you describe it, tell us more.


    4. Tell us more about silver. 


    5. Tell us more about cooking oil, otherwise it is useless.


    6. Just have it darken like plant when you heat it, and let it combust when it reaches a high enough tempature.


    7. The way you describe it, lithium would be useless in The Powder Toy.


    8. Eggs would be useless in The Powder Toy.


    9. The way you describe it, paper is just like plant. Make paper turn dark grey with bcol added to it, etc.


    10 and 11. Those would have no use in The Powder Toy.


    12. We already have radiation in The Powder Toy.



    Tip: If you are going to suggest an element, give complete information about it (color, properties, etc.).

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    >sugar, human skin and blood



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    Have you seen "How to suggest an element" thread? You shouldn't post many useless elements with one-sentence description.

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    Read it.
    When you do, you realize all of these are not even going to be considered. Sorry.

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    That's all about it.