VIRS needs to be nerfed

  • magnetman33
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    If you're going to pick on something for realism, that's not going to get you far. I can list a few more things that aren't realistic to give an example of how tpt is not 'realistic': Oxygen burning, anything aside from explosives and THRM burning without oxygen, C-5 breaking laws of pysics, URAN's non-existent nuclear properties, IZOS, DEST, THDR, CFLM, FRZZ, VIBR, CLNE, VOID (all generally un-realistic), DMND being completely indestructable... Ok that's enough. There are obviously more when you get really critical. But it's not that important anyway. What's important is it's fun. It's a game and it's not meant to be 100% true to life. This is a fun element, the 'problems' of which can be easily solved with SOAP. I've even found it usefull to take a bunch of elements, mix them up in VIRS state, and re-solidify them with soap to make an alloy.
    That's my wall of text for the week. TL;DR, tpt is not meant to be realism.

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  • KingVampyre
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    I do not know... but people might downvote a bunker save just because they are dumb and could destroy it with virus. That is a bad point of it... it kind of encourage reasonless downvoters to downvote a save. I agree with the fact it was made for fun... but the whole game is made for fun, is it not?

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    That argument makes no sense, nobody would ever downvote a save because VIRS exists.

    There's almost no chance I would ever nerf VIRS because it works exactly as intended right now.