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    I've made a lot of mildly useful Lua scripts over the years, but most were only posted in obscure forum posts and never got their own threads. So here's a list of my Lua scripts!

    Script Paste
    In my opinion, this is the most useful Lua script I've made. It allow you to quickly and easily run a Lua script, without pasting it into a file and using dofile() / the script manager to load it. Just press ctrl+~ and it will allow you to run whatever Lua code was in your clipboard. No need to install scripts now if you only wanted to test it once

    set wifi v2
    My oldest still supported Lua script. It allows you to immediately set wifi channels upon placing them and unpausing the game. By placing multiple while paused and then unpausing, you can set the channel for all of them at once.

    Custom Render Mode Loader
    This script adds custom render modes into TPT. It requires the script manager to function. Hold shift+any number to save your current render modes into that slot. Then just pressing shift+number will load them. You can hold shift+number again to delete the settings.

    Template save loader
    Lets say you have a standard logo and design you put on all your saves. Normally you'd have to go and load that save first. But with this script, you can just ctrl+click the clear screen button, and it will load a save from template.cps. If you don't have a template.cps, your current screen will be saved into that.

    Electric Glow
    This is a simple element that glows when turned on. Use decoration to change its color. A nice example of how to make a powered element in Lua. Runs faster in my mod.

    Powered BHOL
    Adds Powered BHOL and Powered WHOL. Gravity strength can be controlled with .tmp. A nice example of how to make a powered element in Lua. Runs faster in my mod.

    Random Element
    When placed, turns into a random element. It's that simple.

    Stacking Remover
    I didn't create this because I hate stacking ... it's supposed to fix an old TPTMP bug. The bug is fixed now, but if you use this script today a /stacking command will be added to TPTMP to remove any stacking on the screen and keep only the top particles, then sync your screen to the server. You can also type stacking() into the console to have the same effect without TPTMP.

    Zoom Window Fixer
    I'm only listing this for completeness, this script is entirely useless now. A long time ago, when you were drawing in the zoom window and the mouse wandered outside it, it would draw a huge line between the two points. This was almost always undesirable. This bug has been fixed in recent TPT versions. But if for some reason you were using an old version of TPT, you could use this script to fix that behavior. Except that isn't true, this script only ever worked in my mod. Official TPT had a bug that prevented it from working.
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  • Thorin
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    What about mobile? I want to make a special mod but I don't know how.

  • KnZahid300
    17th Nov 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    Is impossible to use some scripts in phone/tablet because some scripts are used with the keyboard.