have a bigger map?

  • JLBminestine
    16th Aug 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    i was thinking for an update we could make a bigger map .you could press ctrl+left mouse to move around in the map. sounds cool, tell me what you think in the coments.

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  • docRoboRobert
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    Instead of one bigger map, we should be able to change the size of map because we don't want to break existing saves. I was thinking about 3 different sizes: default, 2x bigger and 4x bigger.


    Actually, bigger map would cause more lags and users would have more space for their lag machines.

    If you increase length of map 10 times, playable area will increase 100 times. This will probably cause lags because computer will have much more things to calculate.

  • Fusionftw
    16th Aug 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    No. The source code of the game can't have that much area or it will break.

  • Moonkey
    17th Aug 2017 Member 4 Permalink

    @Fusionftw (View Post)


     Untrue. Simply only changing the size in the sourcecode can create this.



    I can even open saves with it.


    You can save the now much smaller save into a stamp and paste it all along the bottom, then blow it up if you like. Infact, I'd say the only negative thing about this is that some interface elements (namely when you view other's saves) don't line up perfectly, and the performance is rather bad.


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  • docRoboRobert
    17th Aug 2017 Member 2 Permalink

    Woagh. That's beautyfull.

  • zaccybot2
    17th Aug 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Irregardless, this will never happen with the official build. It has been said a lot of times before.

  • jacob2
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    @Moonkey (View Post)
    I'm sure the performance on that is awful, lol. But it does look cool
  • AutoExplode
    17th Aug 2017 Member 3 Permalink

    could this possibly a downloadable mod or extra unofficial build that is downloadable?

  • JLBminestine
    4th Sep 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    we need to make this a mod

  • cell-core
    30th Jun 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    make tpt with c++ becuas it workes faster and beter on computers then make the mod and for lag only save grid pices with stuff in it.

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