how do you make a epic bomb/nuke

  • 7soulsundertale
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    really how do you make one but not in real life

  • TPT_PL
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    1. Make a big, round container made of C-4.
    2. Pour NITR into it.
    3. Drop PLUT, FIRW and URAN into NITR.
    4. Drop BCOL and GUN into the mix.
    5. Make a shell out of TNT.
    6. Go home and call it a day.

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  • docRoboRobert
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    1. Draw few lines of DRAY.

    2. Add some PSCN spaghetti around it.

    3. Spark.

    I think it's some kind of bomb because it destroys everything.

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  • TPT_PL
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    Because, Bobbie, because.
  • garr890354839
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    A little schmoo later, the singularity bomb became a real thing.

  • Deveyer
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    1. sprinkle some snow onto the ground

    2. go into console and type:

    !set ctype snow sing

    !set tmp snow 10000

    any number will do, just make it something big

    3. heat up your snow so that it melts

    4. "melts"

  • QuanTech
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    @Deveyer (View Post)

     Just an ordinary day in Canada...

  • TheBombaMaker
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    @7soulsundertale (View Post)

     Well, what I like to do is make a "slow burn" nuke that gradually destroys everything.

    How do you make this?

    press space, select neutrons, and make a circle.

    Then, put down a bunch of plutonium. Done!

  • Potbelly
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  • Ben_Ger
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    My guide for insane bombs incolves BCLN.

    If you are okay with it, here goes:
    Draw a circle of FUSE (3-4 pixels thick)

    then make concentric circles of BCLN (pause the game while you do that, otherwise it will mess up)

    with a distance of exactly 1 pixel.

    Then fill it with GBMB (all rings of BCLN are now made to emit GBMB)

    After this, start filling the circles one by one.

    I suggest leaving the outermost circles as GBMB, then 2 circles of DEST, 2 circles of THDR, 2 circles of PLUT, 2 circles of HYGN, and then stuff like DMG too. Maybe add some DEUT? You are quite free to do whatever you want with this design.

    Things I would steer clear of:
    Vibranium tends to clog up stuff, so does ANAR, BOMB basically erases your big bomb and makes it very unspectacular.

    Dont forget to turn on Newtonian Gravity and to view it in Fancy display, so you can see the enourmous gravity well as it detonates, followed by this giant red cloud of destruction.

    This is an example of it.

    I mixed some Graviton in to give it a ghostly green hue.

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