Mods for android

  • Kirbystarfighter
    17th Jun 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    I don't exactly know if this is possible but for people who have the android version I think it would be better if they could have access to mods so they can create mods and use mods. Just an idea that I had when looking at the mod section and seeing that there was none for android.

  • jacob1
    17th Jun 2017 Developer 0 Permalink
    The mods in the "mods" section can't work for Android, they would have to be compiled for Android. Mod makers are free to make Android versions of their mods, but none come even close to being ready for that. The source code for the Android version is at

    Lua mods already work for Android, there just is no interface for downloading hem.
  • CindyThomas
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