Subframe Chipmaker Mod

  • mark2222
    2nd Oct 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    Version 1.3 released! It's mostly merging snapshot changes now.


    Merge changes in 92.5.
    Add "filt:v" property tool syntax.


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    That might be a problem. I'll look into that later.

  • mad-cow
    24th Oct 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    Can there be a way to disable the stack limit of the Stack tool? For example, when stacking photons or filt you may want to stack more than 5 particles. When we're in EHOL, the max is 1499 particles is the max. Would some kind of option or warning be able to set this limit or waive it altogether?


    I didn't mean to come in complaining, I'm excited to use this mod and plan to use it in future subframe works.

  • mark2222
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    Don't worry, I strongly welcome feedback and suggestions :D. I think that's a great idea, it actually didn't occur to me that you could stack more than 5 particles at the time when I implemented that feature. I've removed the limit for the next release, along with a few other tweaks for heavy stacking.


    Nice save, by the way.

  • mad-cow
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     Oh thankyou, sweet! And well it is a good feature to have though incase you select too many particles or don't know theres a limit. Ah cool cool and oh thankyou ^^ Subframe is..interesting.

  • mark2222
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    Yeah, I had it show a warning instead when you stack more than 5 particles, as you suggested. I'd want to field-test the changes a little before publishing a release, though. Hopefully you'll be able to see them rolled out next week. Thanks again for the suggestion; it's great to see my mod being used, and more people going into subframe in general.


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    By the way, I've confirmed the bug, and the fix will be piggy-backed onto the next release. Thanks for reporting it!

  • motaywo
    27th Oct 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    I know you probably dread these kinds of comments, but... I have another bug to report.


    I tried to use the mod the other day, but after downloading, the .dmg couldn't even run.

    It shoots a warning saying the disk image can't be opened, quoting an "invalid checksum" as the reason.

    I don't know enough about code to know exactly what that means, so I'll just leave it in your capable hands.


    I'm using a Mac running OS Sierra (10.12.5). I can run the offical version with no problems, but haven't tried snapshots or Jacob1's mod in a while. If you need any other data just let me know, I'll try and get it for you. Thx!

  • jacob1
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    That's my fault, not an issue with the mod. I already told him today about it, the next version (whenever it is) will have fixes for it.

    If you were able to open the .dmg file, it still wouldn't run due to another bug.
  • motaywo
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     Ok. Thanks for the update! (I was half-worried the problem was on my end)

  • mark2222
    13th Nov 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    Version 1.4 is out! If this release had a name, it'd be the Photon Stacks Update.


    Oh yeah, and I should mention that subframe now has an IRC channel! (#powder-subframe)


    Fix crash when pasting walls outside window boundaries.
    Notify in HUD when more than 5 particles are below the cursor.
    Warn instead of block when stacking more than 5 particles with stack tool.
    Unstack as many particles as possible when unstacking with stack tool.
    Merge changes in snapshot, including fix for Mac.
    Extend 30th-bit handling to PHOT.

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  • Sanpypr0
    1st Dec 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    is there a way to get some of these features on Jacob1's mod (specifically the stacking and the opening the PROP menu with P)? this has a lot of wonderful features, but jacob1's has a lot too. thanks! 

    EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: a lua script would be nice (though i'm not sure if it would be possible), but if that doesn't work, maybe a compiling of both this and jacob1's mod (i'm not sure if it works this way, c# and lua are my strong suit) would work. 

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