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  • MrDucku
    24th Jul 2016 Member 6 Permalink

    now it's not working again. here is my powder.pref

    "Decoration" :
    "Alpha" : 255,
    "Blue" : 50,
    "Green" : 100,
    "Red" : 200
    "Favorites" :
    "Renderer" :
    "ColourMode" : 0,
    "DebugMode" : false,
    "Decorations" : true,
    "DisplayModes" :
    "GravityField" : false,
    "RenderModes" :
    "Scale" : 1,
    "Simulation" :
    "AmbientHeat" : 0,
    "EdgeMode" : 1,
    "NewtonianGravity" : 1,
    "PrettyPowder" : 0
    "User" : null,
    "WindowX" : 15,
    "WindowY" : 14

  • jacob1
    24th Jul 2016 Developer 7 Permalink
    @MrDucku (View Post)
    Hmm, and deleting that fixes it?

    I do see some strange things in there (why is "Radioactive" in your favorite's menu list, that isn't an element), but it doesn't seem to crash for me.

    Edit: Nevermind, I can reproduce a crash now.
    Edit2: OK, the crash is fixed for 91.5, whenever that happens (probably within a few days)
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  • DanielGalrito
    28th Jul 2016 Member 6 Permalink

    Found a bug, when you Ctrl+Shift+Left click on an already favorite element, more buttons of it appear in the favorites menu.

  • coryman
    31st Jul 2016 Member 5 Permalink

    Small but slightly annoying bug...
    When you go in the solids or electronics menu (or theoretically any that scrolls), and you go to the left, then push b, some of the buttons are offscreen and unclickable. So for example, if you select CRMC, then push b, you can't use the add or subtract colour tools. It seems to do the same with other menus once you leave decoration mode, or if you bring the mouse outside of the window and then mouse over another menu. It's easy to fix, you just go back to a menu that can scroll and put it where it normally goes.
    Nothing major but it makes decorating saves a bit trickier than needed

  • jacob1
    31st Jul 2016 Developer 1 Permalink
    @coryman (View Post)
    :O Thanks. Someone else reported that bug but they couldn't figure out how to reproduce it. I should be able to fix it now.
  • cxi
    1st Aug 2016 Banned 0 Permalink
    This post is hidden because the user is banned
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  • Kostia4381
    14th Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    I got a error in the game, I'll do the best to make it as detailed as possible.




    ERROR: Memory read/write failure

    CAUSE: Attempt to paste in the following elements: PRTI(), Life: 0, Tmp: 0; PCLN (ISOZ), Life: 0, Tmp: 0.

    Scripts Online: Lua Elements Pack; Pure Energy; Schicko's Font Pack for Texter; Simple command block; Texter; Tmp gradient display; TPTMulti.

    System Details: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3; Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz,2.29GHz, 1.86GB of RAM; Physical Address Extension.




    Comment: This happened when I tried to make a repetitive PRTI/PCLN pattern to get a steady ISOZ input to my reactor. 

    How to reproduce: Still unclear, I'm working on finding how to.


    EDIT: No BSoD's associated with the system were triggered in this event. Blue screen of TPT was a thing though.

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  • jacob1
    15th Aug 2016 Developer 0 Permalink
    @cxi (View Post)
    It could be OS X specific, i'll have to check sometime ...

    @Kostia4381 (View Post)
    Wow, really specific. Unfortunately it might not be enough. Unsure if one of the scripts would have caused it. It might have just been some weird random thing, not sure if there is much I can do about it.
  • 12Me21
    17th Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    CRAY (LIGH) is still broken...

  • jacob1
    18th Aug 2016 Developer 0 Permalink
    @12Me21 (View Post)
    >: I guess I forgot to fix it, I should start up a centralized buglist for me to look at again, or something ...
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