TPT 91.2 released - IN 3D

  • jacob1
    1st Apr 2016 Developer 8 Permalink
    Breaking news! TPT has finally been updated to be fully 3D! Everything from the interface to the elements to the ui's are all converted. This took hours of development time (literally, I probably spent 4 hours, maybe 5 on this).

    Everyone has always assumed 3D TPT will never happen, but I today we are proving that wrong. It is very doable, even with the current engine.

    Note that for compatibility with older saves, you will be able to disable the 3D in simulation settings. You can also adjust the depth, for optimal viewing experience.

    Download here:

     Added: The feature you've all been waiting for is here! 3-dimensional TPT!
     Changed: Rewrite parts of the save browser to fix crashes on OS X / windows when opening saves
     Changed: Remove virus ---- I mean, fix false virus detection with AVG
     Note: It has been reported that the 3D doesn't work for some people, and instead TPT turns yellow. Since yellow is such a nice color, this is now a feature.

    Please report back if the crashes on opening saves are fixed. Also, report back if the update even works. This is the first version released entirely by me, I didn't even have to wait for Simon! There were no major issues, besides the fact that I mixed up the Windows and Linux binaries. But this isn't a problem because Microsoft is adding Linux support into Windows, so the update should start working in a few months. For people that are impatient, I have now fixed this issue.
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  • Synergy
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    The rest of the industry already moved on to 4D. Get with the program guys.

  • Schneumer
    1st Apr 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    It's prob cuz my comp is utter crap, but for me the 3d turns my screen all pink and stuff. It kind of hurts my eyes, but then again that's probably my comp's fault.

  • MP3450
    1st Apr 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    This update has compleatly ruined my game. Everything is yellow when I don't have the 3D (Which I don't want btw)

  • Mrprocom
    1st Apr 2016 Moderator 0 Permalink
    Guys, you can still turn that off, go to options and set the depth of the "3d" effect to 0, it will make the game look exactly like how it used to be and it will also make it faster.

    It works for me, which is super weird since my luck is terrible. Sadly, I have no 3d glasses :(

    I know this is supposed to be an april fools prank, but can you keep that feature in the game? we never had a super cool update more than a year ago, just have it disabled by default and make it so that we can enable it from the options screen if we want :(

    @Schneumer (View Post)
    Nah, that's probably normal, it looks pink because red+blue=pig and because our brain is stupid enough to not be able to differentiate between them properly, but if you look closely, you will be able to see the two colours.
  • greymatter
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  • DanielGalrito
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    Nice! But as Synergy said, why not 4D? 3D is so old.

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  • Erosion
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    Getting crash reports on my mac book air. Im going to attempt this update on my PC at home. 

  • jacob1
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    @Erosion (View Post)
    Can you post one and tell me where / when the crashes happen? I'd like to fix it if possible before 91.3.
  • Erosion
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