KOREAN powdertoy!!!

  • dhnam
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    you know, Korea doesn't use english alphabet. They(or we because I'm Korean) use 'hangeul(??)', or Korean character.

    And, everyone think korean powdertoy is impossible because hangeul has over 10000 characters.


    But, in powdertoy cafe(it's not place where people just drinking coffee. It's online community.)they did it.




    Yes it's Korean site so maybe you cannot read it, and because of you didn't logged in you even cannot download it.

    So I uploaded it in dropbox.




    It is not work by me. I don't even know how they did it. But the importence is you can translate powdertoy in another language even if it's not using alphabet.

  • jacob1
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    Hmm, it doesn't run for me (no output at all). Maybe it will work for other people though. Are there any screenshots I can look at? Also did the person who made it post the source code? The GPL license means they have to post the source code when they release a mod of the game.

    Also, it looks like this might be compiled in debug mode? Whoever made it should be able to change the dropdown in Visual Studio from Debug to Release, or else it just turns out really slow for anyone who runs it.
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  • boxmein
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    They don't have to post it, they just have to allow people to access it upon request.
  • jacob1
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    @boxmein (View Post)
    Well i'm requesting it then! :P

    Since it doesn't run >:
  • sagakkimbab
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    I think 'Korean Translation Mod' is better name

  • Omega29
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    What about "Powder toy (ko-KR)"

  • jongs
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    It is very useful for Korean!