TPT Snapshots / Betas

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    Can you release a 32 bit Windows version?

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    32-bit builds of both stable releases and snapshots are already available at their respective download pages.
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    how do i get older versions of tpt

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    Click "Other Platforms" on the Download page and then Older -> Browse, which will take you here.
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    Snapshot 260 is released, with a lot of bugfixes. Recently, the latest dev builds have been unstable, so we didn't release any snapshots. But many bugs were fixed, so finally a new snapshot has been released.

    Snapshot 260:
    Lua dialogs do not block execution anymore, breaking a few existing scripts. We are already aware of this bug, and it will be fixed by the next stable version
    Fix crash when exiting the game completely while a Lua dialogue is on screen
    Fix crash when changing tpt.brushID from Lua
    Fix crash when failing to change the favourite status of a save
    Fix crash when attempting to change pages in an empty stamp browser
    Fix crash when specifying too big an interval for math.random
    Fix FUSE not burning as fiercely as meant to
    Fix local save browser sometimes failing to load saves
    Fix black screen while changing renderer options
    Fix EMBR and other similar elements producing black spots
    Fix rendering of fire effects when their intensity is too high
    Make PROP tool less annoying to use by preventing exit until all settings is valid
    Make find mode work with the PROP tool
    Add tpt.version.vcstag to make it easier to identify builds when reporting bugs
    Add support for running TPT in a browser, see our Discord server for details
    Kill stickmen immediately if their health goes below zero
    Update streamline description so that it's more helpful
    Enter stamp placement mode when drag-and-dropping a stamp

    If you'd like to help test upcoming versions of TPT and report bugs, then check the first post for a link to the snapshot.

    If you'd like to test that browser version, then join our discord and look at #announcements
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    What do you mean by PROP Tool, what can it do?

    Will it be something like the Drag tool from Powder game v2 

    (i hope links are allowed)


    img src="denied:blob:" alt="" />



    (Sorry for my english, i am from Germany)

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    no genius prop is a vanilla part used to modify particle life temperature and etc stop advertising other games

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    Snapshot 360 is now released
    • Make element search scrollable
    • draw air before "beforesimdraw" event is fired, so that graphics work in velocity / pressure display modes
    • Add some sign api constants
    • compat.lua: Fix tpt.brushx, tpt.brushy, and tpt.watertest
    • Fix crash if tpt.installScriptManager fails

    And a bunch of other refactoring, since the "Sanitize Lua API" change from last snapshot. Nothing user-facing in there though.

    My last post in this thread was about Snapshot 260, but now we're on 360. That's because snapshot IDs and build numbers were merged, so each snapshot is a new build. The snapshot ID was set to what the previous build ID was, and it increases from there.

    Just a heads up, 98.0 is soon. Please help us test by using the snapshots, if you can!