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  • LBPHacker
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    Quoting this comment:

    This is a false positive. It happens every time a new update is released. It will go away after a few days / a week, but for now updating may give this false positive.

    See this post for more information:
    The post it geared towards Windows Defender, but the same applies to other antiviruses as well.
  • player2
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    how do i login to multiplayer

  • jacob1
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    @player2 (View Post)
    Post questions about TPT Multiplayer in the forum thread for that:

    The snapshots aren't related to multiplayer.

    As an answer to your question, you don't "login" to multiplayer, if you are logged in to tpt you will also be logged in to multiplayer. If you joined multiplayer while logged out and got a guest nick, you'll have to restart tpt for tptmp to notice.
  • KnZahid300
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    for me the snapshot looks the same,are there differences?

    i mean that the snapshots looks the same like the normal tpt -_-

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  • jacob1
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    @KnZahid300 (View Post)
    You can see snapshot changelogs on the webpage -

    We haven't made many changes since 96.2. Most changes we do make are specific, you wouldn't notice them anyway unless you knew what they were.
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    Make a tablet version the snapshot server