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    With the ambient air temperature adjustment option, can you make it accept a C like the PROP tool does so I dont have to get out a calculator every time I want to adjust the temperature of the air.

    It already accepts C and F
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    Oh, well I must have done something wrong when I tried. Sorry.

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     i downloaded the new version and...

    somehow it got deleted from my computer and it doesn't let me download it.



    edit:nevermind i fixed it

    (sadly)edit 2: and its back to before

    edit 3: i found what is the problem and, apparently the new versions are not compatible with my computer. Idk if that will get fixed soon or ill have to stay with the 95.0

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    Check your antivirus logs to see if it deleted it. Antiviruses can be a pain, deleting legitimate programs because it's never seen them before. And none of them have ever seen each new snapshot, as each one is different and will have a different hash.

    Edit: well ok
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    I got the new actualization (2021), it have a trojan virus: Trojan:Win32/Bomitag.D!ml

    high threat, it does not affect me because I have removed.

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  • LBPHacker
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    Quoting this comment:

    This is a false positive. It happens every time a new update is released. It will go away after a few days / a week, but for now updating may give this false positive.

    See this post for more information:
    The post it geared towards Windows Defender, but the same applies to other antiviruses as well.
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    @LBPHacker (View Post)

    Ok, thanks for explaining.