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  • jacob1
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    Doing this works fine for me, I can't see how there would be bug that duplicates particles.

    It will create BHOL doing what you said, if more than 5 particles are layered, but this is normal behavior and the current version does this too.
  • volcanoman
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     You should add limestone or fossils that you could ake with plants and wood.

  • TimeSan
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    Well, I can layer, just when, for instance i layer say 2 pixels of TNT, if I put too many together (I haven't found the exact number) then it layers more. I made a small bomb with 2 pixels TNT and one Firw and in some parts of it it was layered the 3 pixels i chose, in some four or five. A part of it was six as well. It is very unpredictable.

  • LBPHacker
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    So what you're saying is you place 2 pixels of TNT, then you execute e.g. !set x all 300, and you get more than 2 pixels of TNT?
  • TimeSan
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    It is weird. I have searched more and it now is stable for 4 pixels or less but a 5 pixel layered cube, a 4x4, is unstable.

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  • jacob1
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    The issue you are describing does not happen for us, and it's hard to imagine how it would. Here is an example of me creating a small cube of TNT and FIRW, as you described. I then do !set x all 300. During the whole process, the amount of particles remains 64, it never goes above that (until I set off the bomb).

  • TimeSan
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    That is odd! I do layer it all into a single pixle but that is very odd.

  • TimeSan
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    Well for me it happens when I get a single pixel and turn it into a large brick (Say 10x10) but stamping it.

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    CLNE should be indestructible (not related to the topic above)

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  • jacob1
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    CLNE appears to be working as intended. BOMB and DEST do not destroy it, but SING does.

    @TimeSan (View Post)
    Ok, so stamping is the real cause. Should have mentioned that sooner. Stamping behavior was changed in the snapshots to better support stamps with stacks in them. Seems like the new behavior also has it's own issues. I may look into it later.