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  • Rashoneh
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    Oh ok. I think it came where an fullscreen bug gone, only works on 167

    it seems kept lagging while updating the Snapshot TPT.

    it does have ever seen! 

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  • jacob1
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    Snapshot 171:
    Fix "Error loading save" stamps appearing when using tptmp
    Fix replace mode not affecting energy particles
    Fix replace mode not working with Lua elements
    Don't allow enabling both replace mode and specific delete at the same time
    Fix pressure / ambient heat being saved as 0 instead of not at all when holding shift
    Fix GLAS, TUNG and QRTZ breaking on load when saved at high pressures
    Add new sign types: {type}, {ctype}, {life}, {tmp}, {tmp2}
    These sign types now use substitution, you can make a sign such as "{type} with ctype {ctype}" and both will be replaced
    Convert old {t} / {p} signs to say "Temp: {t}" and "Pressure: {p}"
    PIPE with lava now shows in HUD as "PIPE with molten [ctype]"
  • Rashoneh
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    Hold on..... @jacob1 !


    If there's a Glitch and crashes game. Called Spamming next button using cursor,

    where save are okay, it came here from TPT Snapshot Version 171, it spams Next button where game crashes again.


    Link video:


    Thanks to Olja vanjova for idea bug!


    EDIT1: That's not right..... it's okay.

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