Android TPT port

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    Will TPT ever be on the amazon appstore?

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    I may look into the process of doing that at some point. Until then, you can download the APKs from the first post. If amazon tablets allow you to install apps like that, anyway.
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    Trying to update only asks if I wish to try opening an external market link with the amazon appstore.

    You can only try doing that and fail, or click the cancel button.

    I tried to root my kindle for the google play store, didn't work so well.

    There was an option that I had to enable to install any apk, the lengthy warning was a tad bit annoying.

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    Version 1.5
    Update to TPT 93.3, this fixes an issue where some uploaded saves didn't have thumbnails
    Add touch controls (scrolling) to the local save browser
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    It would be very nice, but at the moment I don't have any plans to add it. Only ideas of how it would work.

    It's difficult to translate every single tpt feature into mobile, because we don't have a mouse or keyboard there to work with.
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    I think it would be as simple as adding a side button in all that empty space. It would also be useful for setting the direction of fans.

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    That empty space can't be used right now. It doesn't actually exist to TPT, it's just there to make sure tpt isn't stretched out too much, and is added automatically by sdl. It may vary in size on every phone.

    I could have tpt itself draw some black edges, which would almost certainly fit on every phone. But I might wait, I want to look into switching to using official sdl, instead of the unofficial android port i'm using right now. Maybe it would be easier to write java code to handle some UI aspects there (such as buttons outside of the tpt window)
  • DUC
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    Either that, or I would suggest soemthing like many apps have today: a menu button. When you click it it would open up a menu (much like the setting or Lua menu) and offer you options (such as separate newtonian gravity and deco buttons, line tools, grid tools, undo tools, and other CTRLs that the pc version has). That wouldn't be too hard to add.

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    Hi! I have a new here. I have problem with Powder Toy when i open uploaded saves it start lag and fps drop to 15-4. How i fix it? My phone is S7 flat