Android TPT port

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    It's not just you, button clicking really is broken on some phones. I think it is because of the way SDL scales it to the screen. It doesn't happen immediately for me so I just assumed it wasn't a big problem, but I guess for some phones it is always like that. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
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    Works great on my Galaxy S6, I couldn't find any problems.

  • Mrprocom
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    Works really fine on a Samsung Galaxy Mega phone (android version 4.2.2). The FPS is really high and everything looks normal.

    Also, some features are messing like not being able to control stickmen and not being able to run console commands.

    Edit: A few things I forgot to mention:
    The height of the element selector could be increased by a little bit because it takes some time to switch between elements.
    The buttons that are located down are too small and really hard to press.
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    Work on Sony Xperia Z3 (60 fps), but it have problems : when i deleting 1 symbol in every place its deleting 2 symbols and when i done text editing its can delete last symbol. No keyboard in save to disk menu.
    Lua scripts works.

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    Good job @jacob1, About time we had something major!
    I'll test it in my phone soon.
  • Mrprocom
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    Well, if you want to know the exact number of fps, then I got 60fps when the simulation is empty, but I got 13fps on this save:

    I normally get 20fps on my computer.


    IOS cydia version?

    It would be way better if the game was available on the app store for both android and iOS devices as it's hard for people to be aware of the existence of the game for these two operating systems.

    Not a lot of people like to jailbreak their phone anyway.
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  • xetalim
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    This wasn't an actual review, it was an impression of all google play reviews.

    It works quite well actually, but it was destroyable city 5. On an empty screen I get about 25 FPS.

    Samsung Galaxy Core xetalim 3fps "pls it doesn't work 0/5 stars"
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    Really great work,I really appreciate it. BTW if you want then I can test this version for bugs. I found some like in saving to hard disk( offline) we can't type the name to save. I hope you will soon fix the bugs.once again good work.:)
  • jacob1
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    I'll look into the issue with local saves, right now it isn't that easy to use them, you have to be not logged in. You can type 'o' into the on screen keyboard to get to the place where you open them. I'll probably make both of the buttons more buttons where it does the alternate action if you hold them down (local saves)
  • fireball5000
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

    Empty screen averages about 50 FPS.

    Desert City 5 runs about 5 FPS.

    Touch controls are interesting, they seem center-weighted kind of. In the middle of the screen it places the cursor right on my finger. But to the left and right, I have to tap further to either side to get the cursor where I want it.

    EG: to clear the screen, I have to tap on the center of the login button. To open the save browser, I have to tap off to the left of the simulation "field".


    EDIT: Read a few of the posts here. Good to know its not just me.

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