TPT Minecraft Server

  • cracker64
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    There aren't that many plugins yet, the only lag is from world generation, which is less common now.
    Also I whitelisted you, since jacob is slacking.

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    Yay. Please do, although it is technically my server too.
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  • thomasxin
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    @cracker64, Well, I'm also used to the original Minecraft, so I don't like mods that impact the game too much. I'm not saying that mods are bad, but I'm sure that other people would also think so.

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  • jward212
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    my 4 year old sister's house... soooooooo cute... she even said it had a balcony.

  • bwbellairs
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    @jacob1 Is this server modded?

  • jacob1
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    no, it's vanilla and survival.

    It does use spigot though, I have several plugins listed in the main post, which are the IRC link, the dynamic map at, an anticheat / antigriefing plugin, and automatic backups.
  • jward212
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    1. I'm spelling centre my way... as england borrowed it from france

    (I know I spelt it the american way before fixing the walls)

    2. Y U even show the way out... it's gonna be very misleading when I do the landscaping I plan

    3. BUNNY!!!

  • jacob1
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    the 'centre' thing was a joke :P

    Also I don't really show where the way out is but it's fine as long as you fix it by the time it is done.


    Anyway, I uploaded more pictures, some of jward212's hunger games arena, others of some griefing (maybe I should admin protect more common hubs / walkways).

    If more people want to join that would be awesome :D, there are lots of things to work on like the arena or my wither skeleton farm i'm making. Or you could just live on your own like some people do :P.
  • jward212
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    demo showing how the command block spikes might look like in the arena

  • CeeJayBee
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    I live on my own like a hermit. A hermit with two houses, but still a hermit.
  • boxmein
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    I just added new parts of the nether subway, as well as coordinates for some things! More coming soon..