TPT Minecraft Server

  • Mangosss
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    @jacob1 There's actually a way to let in players who don't own minecraft i think.

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    I've left the tpt discord server because nothing actually happens there(also I was getting harassed by redmoon and I was tired of it). I don't plan on rejoining. if you want to make a trade request with me do so through forum PMs, also @jacob1 can I buy one of your allays, some idiot let mine out of their cage.  edit: completely irrelevant now

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  • jacob1
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    @IEATDIRT (View Post)
    For situations of harassment, definitely report it / ping a mod. But also use the block functionality and stop responding to them. We don't tolerate harassment on the server, and I do check it often to make sure things go smoothly, but looks like you got into your disagreement while I was gone.

    You can buy an allay if you find me online, but I don't plan to be on very much at all unless requested and I have free time. Easiest place to message me would be Discord or IRC.
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    Whenever you come back can I have more of those shulker shells that I afkd for? just 2 stacks not too many, when I lost my valuables shulker they all got lost, and about the allays, I dont need them anymore, I realized that I have some stashed at IEATSAND 2. Also, are angelchests fixed yet?

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    no nazi allowed.

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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Uh, are mods allowed?

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     I'm not jacob1, but from my experience, mods like Xaero's Minimap and MiniHud are allowed, hacked clients are not allowed.

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    does the server support tlauncher?

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    how i can get a piece of a map?

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     it does support cracked accounts, you have to give your IP address and MC username to jacob1 in a Private Message so he can whitelist you. You can start a private message by pressing your name in the top right and clicking "conversations", then, start a new conversation with a topic of your choosing and type "jacob1" as the recipient. If you are unsure on how to obtain your ip address you can search "what is my ip address" in google and then copy-paste that into the conversation

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