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    I'm sorry for "abandoning" this server and my friends on it, between school, and having my discord account banned, and other various IRL things, ive just not had the time to join, I know saying this is slightly unprovoked, but I feel like some people wondered what happened to me. 

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    I hope to see you back on the server later. I haven't been playing much either but I'm sure I'll be back before the next update.
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     I may not be jacob1, but I have a java-bedrock server in the works.

    The version is 1.16.5 and it runs on paper.

    IP :

    Spawn got griefed so you spawn in a box, and then type /rtp to go somewhere

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    This isn't the place to advertise your own server. This thread is for the official TPT Minecraft server only.
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    Is the server down in prep for 1.19? Or is it down because of how few people were playing on it? Or is it not supposed to be down?

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    No, the server's moving from Florida to North Carolina and thus the script manager is also down as well because they all run on the same server

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    I can join survival even though i was banned from creative. is this intentional?

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    Server has recently been upgraded to 1.19. This is a smaller update that adds Mangrove Swamps and the Deep Dark. (Deep Dark is pretty awesome to explore).

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    generally I ban people from creative for cheating or using nbt modified items. These kinds of things aren't as doable on survival, so creative bans don't apply to survival.