TPT Minecraft Server

  • LiquidMech
    18th Dec 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    cool is it dead?

  • jacob1
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    It's kind of dead, but the server is still always running, if you want to bring friends on there
  • phamyen
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  • LiquidMech
    5th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    is there a way i could get spectator as i kind of want to see all the old bases

  • iCyclip
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  • Tankeyes
    13th Apr 2019 Member 1 Permalink

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     How do you do that IN MineCraft??

  • jacob1
    23rd Apr 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    Minecraft 1.14 is released now. This server will likely update this weekend, but possibly sooner. I can't update until spigot updates. I also need to validate that all the plugins are working. During 1.13, most of the important plugins broke (GriefPrevention, dynmap). I don't expect them to break again in 1.14 because there's less spigot api changes, but they could.
  • jacob1
    12th May 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    I avoided posting about this until now, but the server was in fact upgraded to 1.14. I don't know if I would call it an upgrade though. It has MAJOR performance issues, on both the client and the server. Issues we've had are:
    Server leaks memory, must be restarted at least once a day or else it runs out of RAM
    Chunks don't always render on the client, or it will decide to render far away chunks before nearby chunks
    Chunks don't always load on the server, breaking elytra flying and our super-fast ice rails because chunks don't load in time
    Chunk loading lags the server, leading to temporary freezes every time someone joins or switches dimensions
    Sometimes all entities in a chunk disappear - including any animals / villagers / item frames / armor stands you have
    Sometimes all lighting in a chunk is reset to 0, allowing mobs to spawn in lit areas

    According to mojang jira issues the chunk loading issues and lighting issue are fixed when 1.14.1 comes out ...
    To better monitor performance, I loaded a plugin that shows tps (ticks per second) and server memory usage in the player list. Alert me if the server memory is constantly above 2GB so I can restart it.

    Also, the creative server is now back online. To connect directly, connect to You may also /server creative when on the survival server, and /server main to get to survival from creative. The creative server is now hosted on an new dedicated server we just got, which is more powerful than any we've had before. The survival server will also be moving to this box soon.
  • platinumvoid77
    13th May 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    this is cool

  • jacob1
    14th May 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    Servers are 1.14.1 now. Chunk loading seems much more stable now, I'm glad this was released. I no longer get missing unloaded chunks for like 10 seconds after going through a portal. The ice rails also might work again?

    No idea what the status of the memory leaks is, those don't show up for a day anyway. Chunk loading also might (?) still be slow. Maybe it will just be this way from now on, I'm not sure. I also heard the entities disappearing thing wasn't fixed, which is really unfortunate. If it happens to you I may restore your base from a backup.
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