TPT Minecraft Server

  • CiaAin50589
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     Can you reset the end every so often so that me and my friend can get elytras?

  • jacob1
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    There should be plenty still available, see the dynmap to see what has been explored so far

    If you need, at some point maybe I could get on and find one, it's really easy to get them once you have an elytra ...
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  • Solace
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    I mean, you can enter the server and build one yourself. I don't believe jacob1 has all that much time to dilly-dally. 

  • The_Danker
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    Don't mind me i am gonna join 

    and give me a place to live


    P.S. Here come the pro

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  • jacob1
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    Now that The Kelp Aquatic Update is out, the server has been upgraded to 1.13. Similar thing as before, it is a mostly vanilla server and you are free to go wherever you want or team up in small groups.

    We will likely have a dual ice rails / normal rail system in the nether. Ice rails will be for non-laggy players.

    Dynmap is currently not loaded because it does not work on 1.13, I hope to fix this soon ...

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    [SNIP] - please don't copy+paste the main post for no reason
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  • kobalt
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    join my cult where we will sacrafice llama's

    kobalt 2020.


    may i suggest thaumcraft? i have files for it :D

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  • jacob1
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    I don't have anywhere to host another minecraft server. So it's either 1.13 vanilla, or some older modded version. Vanilla is far easier to set up and will get more players, so we will stay vanilla.
  • optimus2006
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    Jacob, Im sorry if I bother you but...I have questions that are not answered by the Big Theard.

    1.Is it a full pvp server? 

    2.Is there the Locked Chests/Furnaces/Doors plugin?

    Sorry if I missed anything.