TPT Minecraft Server

  • MrResearch
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    So, just tell me if you don't know some things around Minecraft.

  • jacob1
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    I'd say I know a lot about Minecraft, and i'm pretty good with farms (or at least, following tutorials to make them). My base is entirely farms ... iron farm, mob farm, villager breeding farm with slots for villager trading / kill system / storage for librarians.

    Helping other players with stuff would be great, though.
  • kking
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    how do you become a moderator

  • jacob1
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    @kking (View Post)
    We don't need more moderators on the server right now. In fact, the server is pretty dead. I'm just waiting for 1.12 to revive it.

    Also I'd rather not mod someone that asks to be a mod ... if you make a good moderation candidate I just know.
  • MrResearch
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    dude you need to learn. it has LOTS some things you need to learn about it. watch wiki or YouTubers. (YouTubers are a lot of Knowledg)

    And some machines might help you out. (Remember when you seeing a machine going over) that is called slime hover board. 

    And the link i paste here is the way to make your house pretty and awesome.

    PS: there is no physics in Minecraft.

    Another PS:can install mods too.

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  • TheRabidCross
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    Right about that. What seems to be physics in minecraft, is actually propeties of blocks and mobs, including the player. therefore, minecraft does not have physics

  • jacob1
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    Both survival and creative are now 1.12. No more prereleases!
    Now that the survival server has been moved into a new location, the creative server has been moved to where the survival server was. As this is a more powerful server, it can now run dynmap:
    The creative server has been reset. It was previously based off the 1.9/1.10 survival map, which didn't feel very creative.
  • Minecrafter777
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    i would come on but i feel like i would get banned because i hack

  • mecha
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    It appears the mac version is significantly behind the windows version of this mod, including the absence of a lua menu, please update. Wrong discussion, sorry

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  • Fantix
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    I know it says that vanilla minecraft is required, but is optifine ok? My computer cant run really Java Minecraft well without it